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Up to 40% of electrical contractors time is wasted without automation

We remove manual and mundane tasks for electrical contractors, so you can dedicate more time to the revenue-generating tasks and projects.



Crew of Contractors


Proposals Per Month


Predicted Growth

Efficient and effortless job costing

Predictable and profitable sales

Real time reporting that drives decision making

Automate it.
Remove the back log.
Get back to focusing on the
important stuff!

(like closing sales, project delivery and having a life)

You no longer need to be a web developer or coder to leverage tech. Off-the-shelf systems are now available to help you work more efficiently, fast track projects, and do more with the same work hours.

We help electrical contractors streamline their processes so they can focus on the profit-generating activities. From generating proposals and lead tracking to job costings and pipeline management, it is all done, real time with a click of a button.

Grow with

Knowing you have a reliable partner and platform


Time Cards in real time

Labor hours are allocated in real time to the right projects.


Focus on Sales

Have 24/7 insight into the top profitable sales to focus on.


Rapid bids

Bid to 5 different contractors in under 10 minutes once your proposal is complete.


Avoid unwelcome surprises

Capture changes in scope NOW, not when it's too late.


One-click WIP

No more waiting: get access to real time, one-click work in progress (WIP) reports.


Lead with confidence

Have a pulse on your sales, labor and markets to stay ahead of the curve.

"At Elmore Electric we work on boats ─ with the time I've saved across my operation it's nice to be able to do some work on my boat!"
JOE, Location

Meet our Founder:

Most ERPs are developed by software companies as generic tools that industries have to modify to meet their needs. FCP Insight's Business Control Center was created specifically for the specialty contracting industry.

Our Founder, Erick Slabaugh, is an industry veteran for over 40 years of experience as an electrical contractor.

FCP Insight was created by people in the industry, on the ground every day, to address the real concerns faced by electrical contracting businesses: in order to get more done while on the go, to generate greater profits whole doing what we enjoy, and serving our customers better.

EC Optimisation Plan

30mins to save you $30k?

We ask for just 30-minutes to assess whether we could save your company $30k in the first 6 months. During this assessment, we will complete a deep into your company to provide an end-to-end scope on how to scale and drive profit more effectively.

Plus, we'll identify 3 immediate initiatives you can take in the first 3 months to automate job costings, improve your profitability and free up your time.

If we can't, then we won't waste any more of your time. Afterall, we're here to share what's worked for us, not to sell you software.

BOOK an Optimisation Plan for your business now.

Issues we solve for
Electrical Contractors

Reduce administration

Using automation instead of admin hours

Increase bidding

Reduce time spent on bidding from 1 hour to 10 minutes, allowing you to bid for more

Increase gross margin

Have transparency and accuracy around margins to drive profits

Improve profits

Know which project are the most profitable and worth your focus

FCP Insight

FCP Insight's Business Control Center is an ERP system for specialty electrical contractors that provides efficient and effortless job costing, more predictable and profitable sales processes and pipelines, and real-time reporting that drives strategy.


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