Made by contractors,
for contractors

FCP Insight was born of necessity. Our Founder was frustrated that there weren’t any solutions that addressed the specific needs of specialty contractors, so he decided to create one. After two decades of field testing and development, we are excited to offer the powerful benefits of FCP Insight’s Business Control Center to other Specialty Contractors.

One of Us

Most ERPs are developed by software companies as generic tools that industries have to modify to meet the industry’s needs. FCP Insight’s Business Control Center was created specifically for the construction industry.

Our founder, Erick Slabaugh, is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience as an electrical contractor.

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center was created by people in the industry, in the field every day, to address the real concerns faced by electrical contracting businesses: in order to get more done while on the go, to generate greater profits while doing what we enjoy, and serving our customers better.

Our Founders

FCP Insight’s seasoned co-founders

Erick Slabaugh

CEO & President
Erick is a CEO, portfolio entrepreneur and board member and advisor. He is CEO and majority shareholder of Absco Solutions. Erick is also a founder and the CEO of FCP Insight, a SaaS business solution for specialty contractors.

Kevin Delargy

Chief Technology Officer
Kevin has over 30 years of experience as a software developer/IT professional. He began working with Absco Solutions in 2003 to automate Absco’s proposal generation and business processes and in 2008, co-founded FCP Insight with Erick.