Reporting & Analytics Software for Construction Companies

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center provides you with important information when you need it to make critical business decisions.


Configurable Reporting

Generate reports on valuable aspects of operations

Access real-time information on key areas of your business such as sales, service, payroll, and more.

— reduce time and effort on manual calculations and spreadsheets

— create report templates with the data you need


Project your future growth

Plan strategically and successfully allocate your resources for upcoming projects and other business activities. Gain insights, rapidly identify existing backlog, project the probability of your sales funnel and projected margins to make better decisions for your business.

— generate different forecast scenarios

— produce accurate projections based on present and historical trends


Access to Historical Data

Leverage business intelligence

Put your data to work for you. Make more informed decisions by gaining access to historical data, enabling you to identify patterns and predict future outcomes.

— stop gross margin erosion

— track project labor hours against job completion percentage and adjust future estimates to better reflect actual performance

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