Operations Management Software for Construction Companies

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center supports your operations team to implement work efficiently while keeping everyone informed.

Project Management

Get project data at your fingertips

See all of your projects and their status in one place, including projected labor hours, equipment costs, and gross margins.

— enable access to all project information anytime, anywhere

— keep track of to-do’s, assign tasks to users, and send reminders

Job Scheduling

Coordinate schedules effectively

Keep your jobs on track and ensure your teams are in sync with the most up-to-date schedule.

— maintain project timelines

— easily view scheduled tasks and their percentage of completion

— visually and quickly identify projects that are off track

Real-time Labor Tracking

Track project labor hours directly posted to projects real-time

Have early awareness of budget overruns by tracking labor costs and productivity. Plan, manage, and compare actual labor hours against projected labor hours for your projects.

— stop gross margin erosion

— track project labor hours against percentage of job complete

— use actual versus estimated differentials to improve future estimating

Permit Status & Tracking

Keep tabs on your permits

Track your various permits from application to final inspection.

— efficient system for faster approvals

— keep and easily access all permit records in one place

Change Orders

Streamline change management

Track and manage change orders, from estimates to approvals. Identify their impact on project timelines and financials and keep all stakeholders updated with the current scope of work.

— get updates on job impacts resulting in change orders

— improved awareness leads to increased frequency of captured change orders

Real-time WIP & Job Costing

Get at-a-glance real-time work in progress and job costing reports

Identify project red flags early on. Stay ahead of project delays and cost overruns with immediate insights into your projects.

— get a live percent completion status of your projects

— easily access comprehensive reports on overbillings and under-billings, project backlog, and more

— integration with QuickBooks provides real-time job costing and flags potential margin erosion

Real-time Field Reporting

Track jobsite activity and progress

Gain visibility into actual progress on jobsites. Onsite teams can easily document and share important information with back office teams.

— better visibility and collaboration for all stakeholders

— increase accountability for jobsite workers

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