Design Planning Software for Construction Companies

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center centralizes your data, making it easier to create, approve, and distribute documents to all stakeholders.


Optimize the permitting process

Save valuable time and effort by digitally enabling the permitting process, from application, review, inspection, and approval.

— assign the right AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to a facility so each project is permitted in the right jurisdiction

— easily see what permitting is needed for projects

— track the status of project permitting and approval


Quickly generate submittals

Create, edit, and send submittals all from one location. Generate submittals with auto populated details from the equipment you've assigned.

— configurable to terminology appropriate to your business

— attach any relevant files

O&M Manuals

Digitally manage O&M manuals

Create and review digital O&M manuals. Ensure that O&M manuals are completed and approved before project completion.

— significantly reduce handover delays

— review content as it is uploaded by internal stakeholders throughout construction



Gain visibility into design progress

View, manage, and archive all project drawings and revisions. You can ensure that all team members have access to the most current drawings for your projects.

— manage design scope and assign resources

— track design progress and get visibility on projected completion and delivery dates

Transmittals & RFIs

Timely transmittals & RFI management

Ensure your time-sensitive documents are submitted, completed, and processed in order to stay on time and on budget.

— quickly send and track the status of transmittals and RFIs

— store all RFIs in a central database, with a delivery record of all documents

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