Administration Software for Construction Companies

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center reduces administrative workload, improves compliance, and aids in team communications.



Simplify timesheet management

Make it easy for your field teams to enter hours. Eliminate handwritten timecards and allow them to clock in and out using smartphones and tablets.

— eliminate redundant data entry

— streamline review and approval processes

— reduce payroll processing time


Real-time Job Costing

Stay on top of job budgets and costs

Track all project financials in real time and identify margin erosion early.

— maximize profitability across all your projects

— easily run reports with full drilldown capabilities

— project hours are reported directly to projects

QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate double entry with QuickBooks

FCP Insight's Business Control Center is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks. Save time and effort by easily importing data from IBCC to QuickBooks and vice versa.

— reduce human error from manual, double-entry

— easily sync data between the two platforms



Track purchase orders from start to finish

Keep track of purchase orders and create procurement logs that are up-to-date and easily accessible by your team.

— automatically send notifications to the purchasing department when a project is awarded and takeoffs are completed

— keep track of when orders have been shipped out and delivered

— allow your operations team to see the shipping tracking number

Electronic Project Files

Share documents and drawings

Cut down time spent on filing and searching for documents. Go paperless using a document management system that’s saved on the cloud.

— immediate access from anywhere, at any time

— easily store and share drawings, RFIs, invoices, timesheets, and more

— establish a standard folder hierarchy for all jobs


Invoice your clients

Invoices created in QuickBooks are automatically synced over to the correct project in FCP Insight's Business Control Center.

— track invoices and keep accurate financial records

— create reminders to follow up on invoices



Pay your crew

Ensure your staff is paid accurately and on time. Process weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll for field, office, salaried, and non-salaried employees.

— allocate employees’ regular hours, overtime, shift work, and more to the job

— review and approve payroll online anytime, anywhere

— track and pay sales commissions

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