Sales Management Software for Construction Companies

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center can help you manage your sales and grow your business.

Lead Tracking

Track your leads from initial contact to completion

Keep your sales pipeline full with effective lead management. Track your contact details, activity history, and upcoming tasks for your leads and contacts in a single place.

— focus on your hottest leads first

— make and track sales assignments

— set reminders to track follow-ups


Effortlessly create estimates

Reduce the time it takes to build your estimate through the variety of proposal actions available, including copying equipment lists, terms and conditions, and entire proposals as foundational starting points for new estimates.

— create better estimates quicker

— use templates from previous, similar projects

— use templated terms and conditions for better outcomes


Quickly generate proposals

With all your data in one place, win more jobs by generating your proposal documents without endlessly copying and pasting between systems.

— quickly generate detailed and complete proposals

— submit early and increase your win rate

— generate the same proposal -- personalized for multiple customers quickly

Pipeline Management

Keep your pipeline full

Close more deals through effective pipeline management. Optimize your sales workflow and standardize your sales process.

— know how far you are from meeting your targets

— accurately monitor pipeline metrics

— grow and effectively manage your sales team and their pipeline

Customer Relationship Management

Keep all your customer info in one source of truth

Store customer, project, and facility data in one place. Improve client communication and stop losing money due to poor documentation.

— track and document correspondence from your team, clients, and suppliers

— set and track expectations for frequency of contact with customers

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