Built by Electrical Contractors for Electrical Contractors

How Electrical Contractors Can Stop Working in Their Businesses and Start Working on Their Businesses



labor hours are directly
allocated to projects

Sales Focus

insight into the top profitable
sales to focus on

Avoid Unwelcome Surprises

track margin erosion and
capture change orders now,
not when it’s too late

Rapid Bids

allows you to bid to
5 different contractors
in 10 minutes once your proposal is complete

Lead With Confidence

have a pulse on your sales,
labor, and markets to stay
ahead of the curve

Benchmark Margins

know your gross margin
from the get-go

One-Click WIP

real-time, one-click
work in progress report

Healthy Pipeline

populate and perfect
your pipeline for consistent

Innovate Forward

the person with
the best deployed data wins

Working harder, not smarter likely won’t solve your challenges.

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