Successful contracting businesses have many moving parts. From first contact and planning to development and building, there are many pieces needed to complete a project.

All these bits of data are often stored apart, in different formats, and only available to some people at some points along the process.

This creates gaps along the way – gaps that can slow down a project, lead to misunderstandings, and even cause added labor or supply costs.

Breaking through these pain points is exactly where construction management software can help. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, models take the complicated process and make it easier for you.

Below, read about five of the biggest advantages this tool provides for your construction management needs.

1. Easy tools for everyone involved

SaaS construction management software simplifies how a company interacts across the board.

What does this mean? SaaS platforms bring you all the tools you need when it comes to managing your business. This includes all the following and more:

        • Sales
        • Design and Planning
        • Daily Operations
        • Administrative Tasks
        • Ongoing Maintenance
        • Insights and Analytics

Bringing all these together streamlines all areas of your contracting business. This means you’ll operate as a fine-tuned machine for faster service and better overall results.

This helps your company to better stay in touch, keep information and records updated, and ease worry and uncertainty.

2. Money and Time Savings

The two most critical assets of any business are money and time – and SaaS software helps with both.

Cloud-based software is handled by the provider. That means you no longer have to worry about the cost of buying expensive hardware or computers to power the computer hardware.

Even better, SaaS reduces the amount of time and energy you spend on the day-to-day processes involved with your business.

SaaS platforms can automate the types of tasks that sap your time and resources. For instance, you can use analytic tools to understand trends related to your sales leads. Using customer relations management can help to personalize these leads and improve outcomes for sales.

The time you would spend doing tasks that are now automated can be used for better purposes. You stay focused on your bottom line rather than waste time with repetitive tasks.

3. Immediately Grow Your Business Potential

SaaS platforms can also give you a straightforward solution for easy business growth.

All businesses strive to grow, but they are often slowed down by the reality of their operation. By streamlining things using a SaaS platform, you open up your business to a much greater potential for immediate growth.

You have the tools and support at your fingertips to improve your business. From generating leads and sales to improved project organization and management, you’ll have a highly effective tool within your business process. This allows you to manage more projects, take on more customers, and keep ahead of your competition.

4. Paperless Simplicity All in One Place

SaaS platforms give you ease of access no matter where you or anyone else on the team is physically located.

The days of project documents stashed between sites or in offices are gone. You can access critical documentation, customer notes, and vital project data all in one place.

All you need is a tablet or laptop to view construction plans and drawings right on the job site. Workers can log their hours on their phones instead of using time cards or other outdated methods. Your team can communicate with each other in one platform that can be organized based on projects, jobs, or customers.

Better organized projects mean more efficient business. That means faster work, lower cost, and happier clients.

5. Seamless Analytics and Reporting

Contracting SaaS platforms include built-in analytic and reporting tools for all your projects. They can run reports, analyze customer orders as they come in, and provide you with key insights about your business.

This real-time reporting gives you a direct look into the current status of your business. This includes top-level insights all the way down to the small details. You can get information on project progress to better update timelines and ETAs. You can also check the state of sales and adjust as needed for improvement.

In short, you have access to the pulse of your business at a glance. And this will help you to make sure all parts are moving forward.

Learn More Today

As you can see, SaaS construction management software simplifies tasks that were once a much greater time, money, and risk investment. Simply stated, your business can benefit in countless ways by migrating to a cloud-based digital platform.

To learn more about how your contracting business will benefit from this software, get in touch with our team today.

FCP Insight’s Business Control Center (BCC) is an ERP option built by a specialty contractor for specialty contractors. It is a cloud-based system accessible from any internet-connected device. In addition to configurable options that can streamline navigation and data collection, this platform has sales, project management, real-time reporting, and timecard tools and the ability to connect QuickBooks for easy bookkeeping.

If you would like to take this ERP tool for a test drive, contact FCP Insight to request a demo.